Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Vintage Affair

Exquisite. Timeless. Ethereal. I love those words. Perhaps for some they might be too cliché, but quite frankly, they excite me. They always have. I'd like to think that they might define my own sense of style, or even my very own wedding. To be perfectly honest here, I've never been much of a simple girl. I love the unexpected, I love to push the envelope, and I love to take the route less traveled. I'm just a bit complicated. Lucky for me, my husband just seems to get it.

Well, thankfully I am not alone. It seems with each passing day, I come across more and more brides who share a similar perspective. From the Über-chic affairs to the oh-so charming backyard weddings, one thing is for certain: it's all in the details! It's the simplest of details that translate a couple's love. And today's lovely detail-oriented feature speaks volumes! Just take a peek!

Photo Credits: Jessica Claire

Exqusite. Timeless. Ethereal.



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