Owner and founder, Jacquelyn Chiovari, established The Royal Gala and it's sister company, The Royal Sweet Shoppe, through her love for all things glamorous, vintage, and French. Following her own wedding in Chicago, Jacquelyn built a relationship with a network of the most well–seasoned vendors and her innate passion for design and entertaining blossomed from there. Jacquelyn has a liberal arts degree in French from the University of Oklahoma and continues to pursue her studies in fashion design and merchandising. She credits her time spent abroad in France and her continued working experience with Walt Disney World as strong driving factors behind her success today.

Passionate and dedicated to her craft, Jacquelyn leads The Royal Gala and The Royal Sweet Shoppe with a genuine know–how for staying organized and gracefully poised under pressure. Her eye for chic sophistication lends itself to creating exquisite and enchanting events and designs that leave lasting impressions. From a young age, Jacquelyn has carried a keen artistic sense that has progressively developed throughout her life and continues to set her apart from the rest.

"I have always lived my life with passion. From a young age, I embraced a belief in my dreams and discovered that my true love was in a life filled with creativity. I enjoy traveling the world and embracing cultures while incorporating those personal experiences into "magical moments" for others."