Monday, January 11, 2010

DIY Fabric Poms, II

Sometimes the simplest of things make me swoon and gush with excitement. I guess one could say that the sweetest things in life are the smallest things. Life is full of so many small treasures and I sincerely love a fantastic creation that is full of charm and lovely inspiration! So today, I am just giddy with pure excitement over a fabulous DIY project (via Once Wed) and I am so eager to try my hand at this adorable miniature fabric flower garland.

Supplies: Scissors, needle and thread, fabric, and a pencil.

Step 1: Fold your fabric and use the spool of thread to trace a circle. Then cut the circles out.

Step 2: Take one circle and fold it in half.

Step 3: Take the half circle and fold it in half again.

Step 4: Then take your circle and stitch through the bottom. Continue this step, adding at least 6 circles on top of the first.

Photo Credits: A Field Journal, Once Wed

Step 5: Once you have sewn all 6 circles, connect the petals together by stitching through each one at the corners and then tying off the tread with a double knot.

Step 6: Next, cut 3 yards of thread and add on the flowers one by one.

Whether you are the hostess of a gorgeous soirée, a whimsical birthday party, or even a charming wedding itself, one could incorporate fabric poms in an assortment of ways. They look fabulous hanging from the ceiling, draped across an aisle, attached to the back of chairs, and even laid across a table as an added element of décor. I hope you'll be inspired to craft up your very own fabric poms for your next "oh so charming" event!



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