Thursday, March 18, 2010

Owl Inspired Fête, II

Today's delightful feature is as sweet as peaches and cream and I simply can not get enough of the whimsical details nestled within. Okay, maybe I admit to having a severe case of weakness for details, but who can blame a girl when they go such a long way towards setting the overall feel of an event? One can not deny the truth in the matter- they lend such a beautiful, personal, handmade touch to any festive occasion. And the fresh Spring appeal of the ever-so-perfect details incorporated into Tova's charming 1st birthday party encapsulates all that a young one could possibly dream of. A successful nod to classic girly sensibility at it's finest. It just really is that fabulous.

The royal scoop from Tova's Mommy:

I started with a color scheme and added owls for fun. The peaches and pinks were quite pretty. The bamboo plates, platters, and sporks were from Green Feet.

We moved all of the furniture out of the front of our house and into our garage and back rooms. Then we tacked massive sheets of white fabric to the ceiling to cover the main walls. It was quite a nice transformation.

IBC cream soda and root beer. The mason jars with floral cut-out lids had white paper straws and tags that said "_________ is using this cup."

The cupcakes were made from recipes in the book "Organic and Chic". The icings were amazing, the cakes were okay. The two chocolates together were way too intense. Maybe had the icings been swapped, they would have been better. Baking supplies were from Bake It Pretty and Ultimate Baker.

Owl lollipops made from scratch. The cow milk glasses are from Shop Terrain. We love them and use them every day now. Owl shortbread butter cookies from "Organic and Chic" that melted in your mouth. Love that recipe! And a bunch of peaches.

Poms from Pom Love.

The perfectly amazing owl pinata from Birchangel Pinatas.

The amazing ceramic owl from Fruitflypie on Etsy.

Photo Credits: Kallie Brynn Photography

So, what do you guys think of this darling event? Personally, owl always love this party! {Pathetic, I know}. I would LOVE to feature your very own special festive fête, please email me at for more information!


Owl Inspired Fête

I happen to be a die-hard lover of all things pretty. At heart, I am just the girliest of girls. Delicate flowers, frilly details and whimsical styling are just a few of the simplest of details that literally make my heart flutter. And as the early days of a fresh Spring trickle in, I can not help but adore all of the sweet merriment billowing atop today's delightful birthday party feature. In my books, a gorgeous garden inspired fête is always in bloom.

Photo Credits: Kallie Brynn Photography

Stay tuned, you're going to LOVE this darling feature!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fancy This: Vintage Handkerchiefs

I come today bearing the most delightful vintage Save the Dates - and a slight confession. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder with all things vintage and I can not bring myself to restrain my infatuation. Seriously. Well, truth be told, I kind-of revel in this delightful little obsession of mine that increasingly grows day by day with no limitations. And clearly, today's vintage feature has prolonged my condition. Recently, I was on the prowl for some creative inspiration and I stumbled upon the most perfect and oh-so charming Save the Dates designed by Rachel of Benign Objects. This bride put so much TLC into designing a Save the Date announcement that was as lovely, as it was meaningful. And lucky for me, I just happen to have the perfect occasion to incorporate this delightful little project. {More on this DIY project to come in the future!}

The royal scoop from the darling bride:

I'd seen some printing done on handkerchiefs and really liked the tactile quality of a vintage handkerchief and the idea of creating a keepsake. I collected vintage handkerchiefs mostly through eBay. Then I created a design using my silhouette and my fiancé's silhouette. I then created a screen and handscreened all 160 of them using my Yudu.

I then tied them with ribbon to cardstock I had printed with a lovebird design on one side and a red pattern I created on the other side. Couples and ladies got the lovebirds and floral handkerchief while Philip's single guy friends got the slightly more manly version with just a white handkerchief on the patterned card. From there they went into kraft paper envelopes that I custom-lined myself. I also created custom mailing labels that I stuck to the envelope.

-Rachel of Benign Objects

Photo Credits: Benign Objects

If you have not been introduced previously to all of the loveliness that comes from Benign Objects, you will most certainly want to check out Rachel's blog. And to top off all the vintage charm just oozing from this project, Rachel has given The Wedding Chicks a fabulous tutorial on how you can craft your very own vintage Save the Date handkerchiefs found right here! How divine!


Photo Credits: The Wedding Chicks