Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Garden Romance: Kelli & Sam, II

Today's feature is every bit vintage inspired, and yet it has a fresh, updated perspective that is absolutely gorgeous. A little bit of pure elegance with an incredibly lovely understated style, Kelli and Sam's romantic and awe-inspiring wedding has me floating on cloud nine. Infused with a galore of garden-inspired elements, you can practically hear the birds chirping at this lovely affair. It really is just that delightful. It's that perfect blend of backyard sensibility with super chic style. And seriously, can we just have a moment for this glowing bride who defines the epitome of gorgeousness? {Sigh}.

Aside from being an illustrator extraordinaire, Kelli has a natural flair for style and design. Her eye for chic sophistication enabled her to capture pretty perfection in all that she created for her wedding day, making the entire affair seem beautifully effortless. The theme of the wedding was Vintage Garden Romance - I wanted it all to be very soft and fairy-tale like....almost like it was from another time. -Kelli Larson

The Inspiration Board: Fall Romance

I recently had a chance to discuss with Kelli the most memorable and sacred moment of her wedding day. On a day where every moment is a memory in and of itself, I was sincerly delighted to hear the emotional and loving response she shared with me.

Honestly, the best part of the whole day for me was standing on the alter with Sam, hand in hand and looking into his eyes and knowing that this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. It was a feeling of joy and comfort and commitment and overwhelming love. Something I had never felt before. We could have been anywhere at that moment. But as I looked around me and saw all the people I have ever loved in my life witnessing and supporting our commitment to one became just that much more special. Another kicker for me was the song that my friend Kendall Payne sang for us during our ceremony. It is an old hymn called "How Deep a Father's Love for Us". The words brought me to tears in thinking about the greatness of God's love. And how lucky I am to love...because He first loved me. -Kelli Larson

Although this gem of a wedding is overflowing with gorgeous details, I have to admit, it's the DIY bridesmaid's accessories that really make my heart melt. And luckily for us, Kelli is here to divulge all her secrets.

I am lucky to have a cousin who is the “queen of crafts”. Ask her how to do anything creative, and she will most likely know. Well I went to her with the idea of creating custom accessories for my bridesmaids. I didn’t want them all to wear the exact same thing, but I did want it all to coordinate in one way or another. And because their dresses are very simple….I wanted to make more of a statement in jewelry. I was inspired by the work of Marquis & Camus, a collection of jewelry that offers a truly unique look into the future of remixed couture. I am SO IN LOVE with all of it! In a dream world, I would have bought each of my bridesmaids a Marquis & Camus original…..but I decided to get crafty instead.

Photo Credits:Acres of Hope Photography

My cousin and I went out and bought a handful of odds and ends: charms, pearls, chains, elastic, feathers and flowers…….as well as a few “base necklaces” from forever 21. (Yes, I admit it) She hand made silk roses and coffee stained tattered tool to add as needed. After much thought on what to create with all this “goodness”, we decided on 3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, and two flower hairpieces. A little something different for each girl.

And I'm sure you're probably dying to know where you can get your hands on those fabulous bridesmaid's gowns? I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but it was from Charlotte Russe! Although I altered it myself, removing the ric rac that was on it and adding my own trim below the bust. I used the same tattered tool on the top of my own dress to tie it all in. -Kelli Larson {Gasp}. How genius is that?



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