Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Shower of Love

We have a real treat for you today... and by treat, I mean the most adorable, charming, and delightful bit of inspiration that is certain to warm your heart with glee and fulfill your girly fantasies. The lovely details billowing atop this organically styled bridal shower are undeniably fabulous, and yet, entirely approachable. I am completely head over heels for the personalized touches and creativity that went into the making of this glorious occasion. It reads through as endearing, quaint and subtlety sweet. Absolutely brilliant, in fact.

It's pretty much a given that I am obsessed with cupcakes. Who can resist the ever so playful pint size portion of heavenly bliss? And one could easily bet that these delicate sprinkled little beauties are every bit tasteful as they are delightful to look upon.

Photo Credits: Chenin Boutwell via Details Details

There is no denying the warmth of muted yellow tones and dusty pink hues. Warm rich shades genuinely translate a cheerful color palette, which inherently provides a romantic and inviting backdrop to a blissful occasion. With lots of sparkly mercury accents nestled throughout, this organic tablescape feels surprisingly glamorous as well, but when anchored with lots of white it feels fresh and crisp like the early summer mornings. From an assortment of vintage vessels to fresh lemonade and to perfectly packaged sweets, the ideas are simple, thoughtful and heartwarming. And it comes as no surprise that the amazing talent behind this garden inspired design was the always adorable Jeannie from Details Details. It’s so ridiculously gorgeous, with that laid back and unfussy vibe, you really can’t help but be just a little jealous.

And it just keeps getting better and better...

Shortbread buttons, are these not the cutest and most perfect cookies ever? A simple and customizable project that would pair perfectly as the finishing touch to an occasion as adorable as the cookies themselves. Package them in hand sewn fabric bags embellished with ribbon and a tag and you'll surely delight your guests as you bake your way into their hearts. A full tutorial can be found here.



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