Monday, February 8, 2010

Nonpareil Magazine

Introducing my new favorite find: Nonpareil, an online wedding magazine.

Photo Credits:(1) Nonpareil Magazine, (2) Nonpareil Magazine via Paper Crave, (3) Nonpareil Magazine via Mint

Nonpareil is a French word meaning,"model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal." After stumbling upon this glorious creation by Maddy Hague of The Inspired Bride and Kristen Maggee of Paper Crave, I couldn't agree more with the carefully selected title for their inspiring work of art. The premiere issue to launch, Beautiful on a Budget, is full to the brim of divine projects, templates, printables, and creative ideas to inspire couples and event planners alike. What more could a girl ask for then the perfect bit of inspiration for creating deluxe d├ęcor on a dime? I'm often asked myself just how a seedling of an idea can blossom into it's very own state of being? How is it that one can take the smallest of inspiration and translate it into something above and beyond what one could have imagined? Well, Nonpareil defines for us all just that. Such incredible and valuable information for any bride-to-be, or hostess for special occasions alike, planning to foray into the world of do-it-yourself crafts.

Photo Credits: (1) Nonpareil Magazine via The Inspired Bride, (2) Nonpareil Magazine

I could gush all day about all of the fabulousness within the premiere issue, but clearly, the bevy of beautiful pictures online speak for themselves. I encourage you all to delight yourself in it's splendor!



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