Friday, December 18, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, III

Using a small pastry brush, paint cookie in desired base color. Allow base to dry if sugaring or piping decoration. Leave wet if creating holly leaves, holly leaf garland, heart, or heart garland. Continue to decorate if using wet.

To make 4 cones: With a large piece of parchment in front of you, cut off each corner, forming 4 right triangles.

Using your left hand, hold down the left top corner of the triangle. Using your right hand, roll the bottom right corner, making a cone shape; hold tightly in place.

Using your left hand, wrap the left corner over the cone, securing the overhang by folding downward into the cone.

Fill the cone 2/3 full of desired colored royal icing. Secure top of the cone by folding the excess at the top down, pressing icing down into bottom of cone.

Pipe desired effects onto cookie. Allow to dry, if necessary.

If sugaring, sprinkle sugar onto wet piping, shaking off excess.

Using parchment cone, pipe dashes with green royal icing onto wet cookie.

Using a toothpick, pull perpendicularly on both sides of the dashes.

Add red dots for holly berries. If creating a holly garland, pipe dashes in a line going in a zigzag pattern, leaving space for berries in between, as desired.

Photo Credits: Victoria

Pipe a contrasting colored dot onto wet base of cookie. Using a toothpick, pull through the middle of each dot to create heart shape. Create a garland of hearts by lining up dots and drawing toothpick through dots in one direction in a single motion.



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