Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Crowning Affair, IV

As we wrap up our look of regal inspired weddings, let's finish off with my favorite of favorites, the stationery pieces!

Vintage Spanish postcards were designed and placed upon each guest's place setting with a handwritten note from the bride, Andrea. I absolutely love this idea and think it's a must for every wedding! More and more brides are creating welcome/thank you notes for their guests as an extension of their appreciation for their family and friend's love and support on their special day. Nothing is more personal than a hand written note and your guests will be delightfully surprised at your thoughtfulness. To all things wonderful there is always a down-side and quite frankly, this is a large undertaking, so pace yourself ladies!

When working with a theme, stick to the elements that encompass that theme without going overboard on the concepts. For instance, Andrea's Spanish regal flair was definitely highlighted with vintage crowns, but vintage crowns alone. Find that little bit of something that you really appreciate about your theme and work it from every angle!

Photo Credits: Leo Patrone Photography



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